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Junior Valley Ecologist (3 Days 2 Nights)【E-Ticket】

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Cost includes

» Camphor Tree Valley two night accommodation

(1Adult + 1Kid)

retail price:¥1170

» Six Meals (1Adult + 1Kid)

Fri Dinner,Sat Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner,Sun Breakfast+Lunch

retail price:¥800

» Free Kayak

Rental: price:¥200/hour

» Includes Riverside Picnic(1Adult + 1Kid)

retail price:¥98/per

» ERC course materials

» Free Campfire, outdoor swimming pool, kids playroom

» Free gift Disney Children’s telescope


Cost Excluded

» Pick-up/Drop off from Ningbo trains station:

RMB100 per person/ one way

» RMB460 per additional adult participation &

RMB300 per adult participation in class, material fee.


- 费用包含 -

» 乡叙·樟溪谷客房2晚(1大1小住宿)


» 乡叙·樟溪谷周五晚餐、周六早餐、午餐和晚餐,




» 免费体验民宿皮划艇


» 含溪谷活动次日溪边散步和野餐活动(1大1小)


» 小朋友的ERC课程费及课程中的材料费

» 享民宿篝火晚会、室外泳池、儿童俱乐部

» 赠迪士尼望远镜伴手礼1份


- 费用不包含 -

» 从宁波高铁站与乡叙·樟溪谷之间的车费,


» 家长参与课程,将收取人民币460元/人的课程费


宁波 乡叙·樟溪谷 Camphortree Valley

宁波李家坑村村级服务中心 Ningbo Lijiakeng Village

Star:8月23日下午3:00, Aug 23th 15:00

End:8月25日下午3:15, Aug 25th 15:15


8月23-25,环保精英教育的ERC香港环保学校将到宁波举办四堂有关宁波溪谷探险的亲子课程。此课的呈现方式是专门为6-12岁小朋友而设计,不过内容的深度并不肤浅。以宁波的森林和樟溪河为课室,学习花草如何生长,植物如何被全球气候变化所影响,走进李家坑村美丽的河溪中, 寻找河中的小精灵,跟着丰富经验的生态导师,夜里观察动物的神秘生活,与爸妈一起体验刺激的生态夜探。

During the weekend of 23-25 August 2019, industry veterans Eco Education and Resources Center (ERC) Hong Kong environmental school will be conducting 4 classes focused on the Ningbo Valley exploration in a fun and enjoyable way. Though the class delivery is specially tailored for kids 6-12 years old, the knowledge imparted is no common sense, and will challenge even adults. Gain hands-on learning experience about plants in the forests and streams of Ningbo - from how they grow to how they are affected by climate change. Explore the habitat for wild animals and enjoy an exciting night safari with your parent.


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